Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eventing update for Nicola and Monty

Rackham went well with a personal best in the dressage, cross-country well inside the time and clear, but an unlucky pole in the show-jumping pushing them down from 4th to 7th. Two weeks later they were back at Rackham for the Riding Club Area Qualifiers. In the lead after the dressage, a double clear inside the time proved unbeatable so they are off to the National Champs in early August. July also saw their first affiliated dressage qualifier finishing on 2nd place, just one mark off the winner on 70%. Not bad for the horse who more resembled a giraffe than a dressage horse 9 months ago. Monty and Nicola are now on a get fit campaign for the Nationals which involve a 3 day stay away and 2 days of competition including a steeplechase, several miles of roads and tracks followed by the normal 5minute cross country course.